Welcome to the NKP PTA Website!

Welcome to the Nellie K. Parker Website!

The purpose of the Nellie K. Parker PTA is to provide a forum where parents, teachers, administrators and other concerned adults can come together to discuss ways to promote quality education, strive to expand the arts, encourage community involvement, and work for a healthy environment.

NKP PTA is committed to representing and serving the members of its multi-cultural community and helping parents, teachers and administrators give their very best for all of the children in the school. Together we are a powerful voice for our children. With your help, we can continue to work toward the PTA's goal of a quality education and nurturing environment for every child.


How The NKP PTA Helps NKP and its Students

 Throughout the years these are the many ways the NKP PTA supports the Students, their Families and the Staff at Nellie K. Parker .             


  •       Supply Folders & Planners to Students      
  •       Assist with Choral & Band Productions
  •       Assist with School-Based Literacy Events
  •       Present Scholarships to NKP Graduates
  •       Assist with Classroom Events      
  •       Support 4th Grade Activities
  •       Promote School Spirit through Spirit Wear
  •       Bring Cultural Arts Experiences to the Stage
  •       Health Fairs, Dances, Game Nights, Movie Nights and more…….


              And there are so many more to list!                                          

The NKP PTA is an integral part of the NKP School. Without the NKP PTA support this list would not exist. Without the support of the parents and staff of NKP School the NKP PTA cannot exist.                                                                                                       

Support comes in TWO ways -


Volunteering & Financial


We understand not everyone can do both. Those that can, THANK YOU for your undying support for the students & the NKP PTA. Those that can’t, here is what we need:



  • Come to meetings: General Membership Meetings, Grade Level Planning Meetings, Committee Planning Meetings (ie: TRICKY TRAY)
  • Become an Officer or Committee Chairperson or Helper
  • Officers: President, 1st Vice President, 2nd Vice President, Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary, Treasurer
  • Committees: School Spirit Wear, Book Fairs, Fundraising Programs (Tricky Tray, Meadow Farms, etc.), 4th Grade Committee
  • Solicit help from outside companies for donations for our upcoming Tricky Tray
  • Become a Class Parent



  • Join the PTA!  Membership is only $7.00 

Scan the QR Code below with your smartphone or you can go to :https://ptankp.memberhub.com/     

  • Participate in our fundraisers! While it may seem like there are a lot of fundraisers, please remember that this goes towards the students and Nellie K. Parker.  


 Thank you for your time and continued support of the NKP PTA!